Tooth Coloured fillings

If you are interest in having some or all of your silver fillings changes to white ones please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01463 794 304 or email
It used to be that silver amalgam fillings were the restorative material of choice but now there have been many advances in the chemistry of both the filling material itself and the way in which we can stick it to your teeth.

Multiple silver fillings dont look natural or healthy and if they have been sitting in your tooth for a long time they will stain the borders of your tooth.   

We can match the white filling material almost exactly to the shade of your tooth and therefore re-create that natural, aesthetically pleasing result.

While silver fillings are mechanically retained in the tooth (ie they are only held there by the tooth itself) whereas white fillings are bonded to the tooth substance and thus sealed in.  This means there is much less chance of leakage around the margin between tooth and filling and hence further decay.

Please note that when changing silver fillings to white ones we do not need to remove any healthy tooth tissue, we simply remove the silver material and replace it with tooth coloured material.  It is very simple and entirely pain free.

Clinical Case:


Other uses for white filling material :-


We can also bond white  fillling material onto the tips of your teeth if you have small chips, fractures or gaps.  This is a very conservative way to fix smaller cosmetic problems.  Again, we can match the filling material as best possible to your natural teeth or if you are going to whiten we do this first and then match the filling material to the new lighter teeth and then contour the edges to adjust to your preferred smile line.

Whether you need new fillings or you have old or broken fillings you think might be leaking please do not hestitate to contact the team at Eilertsen Dental care to discuss your options. Call 01463 794304 or email