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Eilertsen Dental Care

Facial Aesthetics

Eilertsen Dental Care offers both a wide range of routine and specialised treatments to maximise client service and satisfaction.

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Facial Aesthetics

We are trained to provide a number of facial aesthetic treatments in our fully insured and registered clinic. We can offer trustworthy and knowledgeable advice on the most suitable treatments for you.

Our aim is to deliver a variety of facial treatments that will deliver natural rejuvenation to reduce the signs of ageing to boost confidence and help you be the best version of you.

We have a range of carefully considered skincare products and a range of treatments such as dermaplaning, micorneedling, the dermalux light therapy as an adjunct to the advanced anti wrinkle and filler treatments to suit a variety of ages and skin types.

We will do our best to restore what the ageing process has taken away or to enhance your natural features to give you a fresh and rejuvenated look.

Dermalux Light Therapy

The Dermalux is a multiple award winning light therapy machine that provides the perfect adjunct to rejuvenation treatments and a fabulous stand alone treatment.

Skin health & Care Range

In 2017 we invested in several skincare products. We looked at a number of products but decided to go with the CELLPRO and HELIOCARE ranges as they had the most robust.

Anti Ageing

SKINCARE PRODUCT INFORMATION – CELLPRO/ENDOCARE RANGE. We chose to supply this Medigrade skincare range because of the clinical evidence behind it.

Skin Care Treatments

Do you feel like your skin is feeling tired, lifeless and dull? Here at Eilertsen Dental Care we offer a range of skin care treatments including dermaplaning, medical grade peels, micro needling and rapid rejuvenation therapy.