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Patient Referrals

At our Centre in Inverness, we are pleased to accept referrals from Dental practices across Scotland and the UK for a range of dental procedures. If you have a nervous patient we can carry out routine treatment under sedation or alternatively a full complement of implant related procedures.

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We have a specialist interest in dental implantology and our aim is to work with local practitioners to introduce Dental Implant Surgery to your practice. Your patients are increasingly aware of this option and through working in partnership with Eilertsen Dental Care, your patients and practice can benefit.

Our preference is to work with local practitioners in partnership, engaging in a mentoring process which would enable you to participate in treatment planning, refer for implant surgery and work under our guidance in delivering the restorative part of the treatment process with the client returning to your practice for all of the required after care.

You can refer patients in a number of ways; via post, fax, telephone or by filling in our online form.
Any radiographs that you can provide will minimise patient’s costs. We will discuss all treatment charges with the patient, providing a written estimate prior to any work being completed.

Your patient will be in safe hands and will be directed back to you to complete the after care process.

CT Scan are available now at a modest fee of just £100 for your patients.

Dental Referral Update

We have added Southern Implants to our armamentarium and have now used this system for many cases. The system has many unique features which have a direct bearing on patient acceptance and clinical outcomes.

The “Max” implant system is designed for immediate placement. This means for your patient, there is one surgery when the molar tooth is extracted and the implant placed. There is evidence showing that the existing bone is preserved. Patients often feel this simplification of the process helps in treatment acceptance.

The Southern system also has a steep angled coaxis implant which can be placed at oblique angles thereby avoiding anatomical structures and diminishing the need for complex sinus and block bone grafts.

If you have a patient with an unrestorable tooth which may be a case for an implant, it would be preferable if you referred in the patient prior to the extraction as it may be they are suitable for an immediate placement and thus would only require one surgery.

When referring patients we ask that they are given a rough indication of the costs involved in this kind of treatment. If you are interested in reffering to us please do not hestitate to contact us and we will send you out a referral pack. A fee guide is enclosed within the pack.

Many thanks for your kind referrals!

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