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Award Winning & Researched Choice

In 2017 we invested in several skincare products. We looked at a number of products but decided to go with the CELLPRO and HELIOCARE ranges as they had the most robust scientific evidence backing them. Both lines of product have won several awards and since they are medigrade products they are unlike anything you can buy on the highstreet.

In the below video the heliocare products are briefly discussed but the main benefit of this range is the level of protection they offer to the skin from the harmful rays present in everyday life (both from sunshine or even if you dont live in a sunny climate and importantly computer and phone screens). These rays are what is damaging the skin and causing premature ageing, fine lines and wrinkle and cancers.

Cancers of the head and neck are common in men and women. Dr Jennifer Eilertsen carried out part of her elective (part of your undergraduate university study) in a head and neck cancer unit in Vancouver and the number one thing every individual said was they wished they had worn higher factor sunscreen. Cancers of the lip, face of the skin, sides of the ears, nose were all common and most individuals admitted to too much sun exposure in earlier life.

Cancer research UK quotes the following statistic

In males in the UK, head and neck cancer is the 4th most common cancer, with around 8,400 new cases in 2015. In females in the UK, head and neck cancer is the 13th most common cancer, with around 3,700 new cases in 2015. Incidence rates for head and neck cancer in the UK are highest in people aged 70 to 74 (2013-2015).

As the profession who see the head and neck region regularly, we feel it is upmost importance to reiterate the importance of you all to protect your own and your families skin daily.

The award winning Heliocare range has a high SPF (50) but additionally has the patented FERNBLOCK which is not something any of the high street brands will have. This is a supercharged antioxidant which protects against the damaging free radicals.

There is a larger selection of products to choose from to suit all skin types so there is something for every member of the family.